TBT SCIETECH DB series hot plate for general laboratory

TBT Scietech DB series stainless steel hot plate is widely used for curing, drying and temperature experiments, it is also one of the necessary tools for biology, interitance, medicine, environmental protection, science and research, etc.


The following is the main characteristics of our product: 

1. Produced by the adoption of special technique, no deformation of this product occurs in hyperthermia state.

2. Made of stainless steel, working plate of this product possesses the character of strong anti-corrosion.

3. Operated safely and simply, the temperature of this product can be raised quickly and distributed well.


Type:             DB-ⅡA    DB-ⅢA      DB-ⅣA       DB-ⅤA

Heat Power:  500W       1000W      1500W        2000W

Size(mm):     150x200   200x300    300x400     400x600