TBTXRY-1A Digital Display Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

TBTXRY-1A digital display oxygen bomb calorimeter is used to test the heat of solid and liquid, such as coal, coke, oil and alcohol.

It is designed and produced according to ASTM standard.


What are its features?

1. This instrument adopts sealed oxygen bomb. The whole structure adopts stainless steel material. The strength is enough to resist the max pressure (60~70 atmospheric pressure) when the solid burning. And it can resist the bigger pressure when liquid fuel burning.

2. The inner water cylinder is composed of stainless steel sheet.The cross section is pyriform and the capacity is 3kg. The water cylinder is equipped with electric stirrer inside. It ensures the temperature in the water cylinder uniform.  

3. The external water jacket is double layer container. It filled with water when doing determination.It make the water temperature in the cylinder uniform by water jacket stirrer and form the constant temperature environment meeting the requirements of test.