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Automatic Compression Testing Machine with PC&Servo Control TBTCTM-2000Z2/3000Z2

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The machine adopts AC220V, mainly used for concrete compression strength test in lab. It is also applicable for compression strength test to firebrick and other material. It meets the standard request of GB/T50081-2002 "Common Concrete Mechanical property Test Method", JJG139-1999 "Tension, Compression and Universal Testing Machine (Verification Regulation)", GB/T2611-92 "Testing Machine Common Technology". It also meets the request of ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and so on.

Maximum Capacity

2000 kN

3000 kN

Measuring Range

0-2000 kN

0-3000 kN

Relative Error



Testing space



Maximum travel of piston

80 mm

80 mm

Machine size



Power supply

220VAC 750W 60HZ

220VAC 750W 60HZ


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