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Automatic Wheel-Track Tester (Three rounds of scientific research) TBT-0719C

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1. This instrument is a floor structure, using PC control technology, automatic temperature control, automatic timing, real-time display of the displacement, and automatically record the displacement curve, print report.

2. Simultaneous display time and displacement, time and temperature curve during the test, providing practical basis for the study of the characteristics of asphalt mixture rutting research units.

3. The instrument can be tested under the test temperature of 45 C ~ 85, wheel pressure is 0.7MPa, the standard test time is 60min.The instrument adopts high accuracy displacement sensor, The precision is more than +0.05mm .The data resolution is high and the speed is fast.

4. Using absolute temperature sensor collect temperature, PWM modulation way for temperature control, high temperature stability, no overshoot, long time test, no temperature drift(The effect of the temperature shift of the general thermocouple temperature sensor on the test data is eliminated).

5. Using high-precision A / D (16 bit), D / A (16 bit) module, ensure that the displacement measurement and temperature control accuracy and resolution. Constant temperature box adopts outer circulation heating mode, the temperature field is uniform.



Main technical specifications

⑴ Applicable standards: National Ministry of Transportation industry standard JTG E20-2011

⑵ Rolling speed of grinding wheel: (42 ± 1) times/ min (one way)

⑶ Test car moving distance: (230 ± 10) mm

⑷ Rubber hardness of grinding wheel: 78 ± 2 (international standard hardness)

⑸ Contact pressure between grinding wheel and test mode: (0.7 ± 0.05) Mpa (60 ℃), it can adjust up to 0.8, 0.9Mpa

⑹ Displacement measuring range: (0 ~ 30) mm

⑺ Displacement measurement accuracy: less than ± 0.005mm

⑻ Test time: (60 ~ 240) min

⑼ Control range of constant temperature box: room temperature ~ 80 ℃ (can be set), control accuracy ± 0.2 ℃

⑽ Overall dimensions of the machine: 1300mm × 740mm × 1240mm 

⑾ Weight of the whole machine: 300kg

⑿ Tryout Size: 300mm × 300mm × 50mm (standard), can do the rutting test of (30 ~ 100) mm thickness of the specimen

Main technical parameters

⑴ Works: Immersion and non-immersion test 

⑵ Ambient temperature control accuracy: ± 1.0 ℃

⑶ Tryout temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃

⑷ Temperature measuring channel number: 2 channels

⑸ Can do specimen number at the same time: 3

⑹ The number of specimens of health: 9

⑺ Roller motion mode: Test wheeled

Power supply

⑴ Three-phase power supply: AC380V, 50Hz, 10A, three-phase four-wire system, with zero line

⑵ Single-phase power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 5A, single-phase three-wire, with ground wire



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