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Compression Testing Machine with Digital Display TBTCTM-2000(S)

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The testing machine is designed for testing the compressive strength of building materials such as brick, cement mortar and concrete; it is electro-hydraulically powered and the pressure applied on the specimen can be displayed directly; The maximum force value can be maintained and the data measured can be saved when the power is off; The test data can be processed automatically and the test report can be printed 

Maximum Capacity:

2000 kN

Measuring Range

0-2000 kN

Relative Error


Platen dimension


Max. Vertical clearance between platen


Maximum travel of piston

50 mm

Diameter of piston

ะค250 mm

Rated pressure of oil pump

40 Mpa

Power supply

220VAC 750W


1. Digital Display Controller

2. Oil Flow Control Valve

3. Oil Return Valve

4. Oil Pump

5. Motor

6. O-ring

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