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Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine TBTWDW-300JC

Item Code:TBTWDW-300JC Features:Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine
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Application & Features

Mainly used to perform tension, compression, bending and other mechanical property indexes for metallic, nonmetallic and composites;

Adopting precise auto control and data acquisition system to realize fully digital adjustment for data acquisition and control process;

Used to test max. load, tensile strength, compression strength, elongation and other technical indexes;

After test, all these indexes can be automatically calculated according to test parameters before test through computer and display test results.

All test parameters can be both inquired and printed.



with remote control box to adjust moving speed of the cross beam, flexibly;

with function of automatic return to the original position, intelligent, high efficient, quick;

with protective functions of limit position protection and over voltage, over current protection, reliable, safe;

with powerful test database, in which test data can be saved, inquired and called;

with many control modes of constant rate control to load, stress, deformation, strain, stroke, elongation, low cycle and self-programming control;

switching function among many test curves: stress-strain, load-deformation, load-displacement, load-time, deformation-time, displacement-time, load-strain. With functions of partial enlargement, superposition and comparison.

If equipped with other accessories, it can perform tensile, compression, bending, torsion and other mechanical property tests;

Main machine

Using door frame structure, baking finish shell, with nice appearance;

limit position protection function

over current protection function

safe emergency stop function

Max. Test force


Load class

Class 0.5

Measuring range of load


Relative error of indicating value

Within ±1.0%

Load resolution

1/±300000F.S (with unchanged resolution during the whole test)

Measuring range of deformation


Adjusting range of load rate


Control precision of load rate

Within ±1%

Adjusting range of deformation rate


Control precision of deformation rate

Within ±1%

Adjusting range of displacement rate


Control precision of displacement rate

Within ±0.2% of the set value

Stroke of cross head(without grips)


Effective test span


Control mode

Computer control

Power supply

380V, 50Hz



Dimension (L*W*H)





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