Intelligent Ground Penetrating Radar TBTLD-2600

  • Intelligent Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Intelligent Ground Penetrating Radar
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The newly developed TBTLD-2600 intelligent ground penetrating radar system consists of a radar host developed based on the Android system and is seamlessly compatible with the latest series of high-repetition-frequency antennas. It is composed of powerful acquisition and post-processing software and can be widely used in engineering inspection and geological exploration.

1) Compatibility: Compatible with a full range of TBTLD series ground-shielded antennas, air-coupled horn antennas, etc.;

2) Continuous working time:  ≥ 4 hours;

3) Volume: 340 × 268 × 70 mm;

4) Host weight: 3.5kg;

5) Built-in lithium battery power supply, DC+10.8V;

6) AD digits: 16 digits;

7) Scan rate: 1~1024Hz can be selected continuously;

8) Length of record track: 128/256/512/1024/2048/4096/8192 adjustable;

9) Dynamic range: -7dB to 130dB;

10) Real-time software processing functions: filtering, amplification, average between tracks, and background processing;

11) Measurement methods: point by point measurement, distance trigger measurement, continuous measurement optional;

12) Display modes: pseudo color maps, stacked waveforms or grayscale maps are optional;

13) Working temperature: -10~+50°C;

14) Storage temperature: -20 ~ +60 °C;

15) Hot and humid conditions: +30°C, 90%.



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