3-D Ground Penetrating Radar Array TBTGPR-MIMO

  • 3-D Ground Penetrating Radar Array
  • 3-D Ground Penetrating Radar Array
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TBTGPR-MIMO 3-D GPR array system is a controller-antenna integrated multiple-input and multiple-output detecting system, the military grade anti-vibration design features it more convenient and flexible for using, even in complex environments the radar system still work stably and reliably. The perfect channel uniformity guarantees the good imaging effect, and features convenient for data processing and imaging judgement and location. It can be widely used in imaging detection of airport, tunnel, highway, water conservancy, bridge, utility engineering, military and archaeology.




Airport: airport runway disease and overlay debonding inspection, runway quality inspection and evaluation.

Highway: highway disease, depth and area detection, subsurface detection, structural layer settlement and damage detection.

Utility: city road disease or cavity detection, pipeline survey and 3-D imaging of pipelines under road.



Functions and features

1) Radar controller and antenna array are integrated in small size & light weight, features low power consumption.

2) Universal network cable is used for data transmission, it is simple, common and convenient.

3) Compatible external DC power supply 10V-18V.

4) Single-frequency array and multi-frequency array fully guarantees various detecting requirements.

5) MIMO array antenna system with higher antenna density and higher integration grants good imaging effect.

6) Fast detecting process and data acquisition, better uniformity of channels and profile data with even intervals.

7) The real-time acquisition software can be installed in laptops or other handheld terminals for convenient carry and use.

8) The real-time acquisition software is with basic functions of filtering, removing zero offset , background eliminate and real-time 3D slice imaging. 

9) System intelligently adjust radar parameters no need manual operation.

10) Real-time vehicle speed display, over speeding alarm and weak GPS signal alarm. 

11) Data replay function allows completely restoring the acquisition process. 

12) Real-time display the slicing profile at specified depth on the detection pathway, the detection result is very clear.

13) According to GPS position information, automatically display GPS locus of stored data, correct the predicted survey line according to locus, to achieve full coverage detection.

14) System can make interpolation for the uncovered areas between survey lines to form a full-coverage data, then output a panorama image.

GPR-MIMO 3-D Array Radar system parameters



GER-MIMO 900A14RS     3-D array radar

GER-MIMO400A10RS      3-D array radar

GER-MIMO200A8RS        3-D array radar


Channel numbers





Detection depth





Covering width





Detecting speed

≥25Km/h                     (5cm interval for scan)

≥16Km/h                       (5cm interval for scan)

≥20Km/h                       (5cm interval for scan)












Power consumption





Power supply

Exterior installed lithium battery power supply 10V~18V


Array type

MIMO antenna Array


A/D bytes

16 bits


Detection result mode

2-D detection data, 3-D imaging Slice



-20℃~+50℃,  storage temperature:-40℃~+60℃


Software GERSlice

GERSlice is a syn data process software which is especially designed for GER series 3-D ground penetrating radar, able to perform data loading, display and process, map loading, abnormal marking and export abnormal report basing on the large scale radar data collected by 3-D ground penetrating radar in each frequency range of GER series, convenient for user to find the abnormal information in the radar data and generate the following report documents.


The software interface is composed of these areas: “Menu bar, 3D radar locus slice, 3 views-X, 3 views-Y, 3 views-Z, Single channel bar, current position, status bar “ , the software main function is:


1, Document management: create, open, close and save files, unify direction of files, split long data files, export 2-D profile images.

2, Homepage menu: documents process, map loading and map type switching, set palette, mouse mode, slice zooming, 2-D profile zooming, depth switching, position query, different views display/hide, window display mode, display gain.

3, Data processing: direction revert, horizontal sampling, zero deviation adjustment, gain adjustment, digital filtering (FIR filtering and IIR filtering), background elimination, moving average, one-click processing, advanced processing, abnormal marking, generate abnormal list and export CSV file, abnormal list export KML file, abnormal list export to Baidu map.

4, Other convenient tools: distance survey, screen shot, image replay etc..


Software features:

1, Easily process large scale data, able to process 3-D radar data of quite long distance and with multi survey lines. For the detecting task of tens of kilometers long distributing dozens of survey lines, the software performs radar data section segmentation, distance segmentation, and automatically interval segmentation according to geographical position, it greatly improved the data process efficiency.


2, Loading online or offline maps: able to online load Google street map or satellite map, or load the local downloaded offline map, and switch between the 2 kinds of map, the inspection result looks more visual.


3, Query of detected data: for a certain detected task, it is workable to input the point coordinate and import the position list to query the radar data, convenient for user to review and confirm the diseased area in the data, helps user to position the data processing result.


4, One-key process and high-grade process. User just press "one-key process", all the appointed data process procedures can be completed. The high grade process allows users to set the data processing sequence and set process parameters among the various of processing methods, it features great flexible.


5, The data processing result can be presented in various forms to facilitate user’s report work, for a certain task, it is able to one-time export all 2-D profiles into multiple bitmaps, or export multiple profiles of the disease into one bitmap, able to export all abnormal to CSV report and abnormal list in KML file, and display the detecting locus and abnormal position on the third-party software who support KML file such as Google Earth or AOVEI map, it is also workable to export the current disease and abnormal into Baidu map.

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