Digital Low Load Brinell Hardness Tester (HBS-62.5)

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Model HBS-62.5 Digital Low Load Brinell Hardness Tester
I. Application:
Model HBS-62.5 Digital Low Load Brinell Hardness Tester is a new hi-tech product integrating mechanical and photoelectrical technologies. As a substitute of traditional small-load Vicker’s hardness tester, it features in easy operation and good reliability.
The following highlight some key features and functions:
--Integration of computer programming technology, high resolution optical measuring system and photoelectrical technique;
--Soft key input;
--Light source adjustment;
--Selectable testing model, conversion tables, pressure-holding time, file number input and data saving functions;
--Big LCD screen to display testing model, testing pressure, indention length, hardness values, pressure holding time and numbers of tests;
--Date recording, test results recording and data processing;
--Printing output function;
--RS232 interface for PC connection.
--Camera for indention photographing and metallography

The tester can take picture of impress and metallo of the material with a camera. It can measure cast iron, no-ferrous, alloy and anealed steel, it specially designed for testing soft metal such as aluminium, tin etc. For research institutes, factories labs and QC departments, this is an ideal hardness testing instrument for research or measuring purposes.
II. Specifications
Testing Pressure
61.29N (6.25Kgf), 76.6N (7.813Kgf), 153.2N (15.625Kgf), 294N(30Kgf), 306.25N (31.25Kgf), 612.9N (62.5Kgf)
Hardness Value Range of test Block
HBS(W)≤225 &225
Error Range in Display
Pressure Loading & Unloading
Magnification of Microscope
Pressure Holding Time
Min. Measurable Unit
Max. Height of Sample
Distance from Indenter’s center to outer wall
Main Body Weight
Power Supply
Machine Size(L×W×H)
Hardness Value Range

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