Asphalt Mixture Gyratory Compactor TBT-XY150-1

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1. Using high hardness and high quality steel as a framework, to ensure accurate angle control.

2. Electro-pneumatic servo control regulation.

3. Color display touch control system, can be directly connected to the computer, through the interface of microcomputer can display a variety of curve table, and with the touch screen bumpless connection, joint control over the instrument.

4. Can be easily set the angle of the rotation compaction, compaction pressure, rotating speed, the number of rotation and other test parameters.

5. Compaction process that can be measured and real-time display test rotation angle, compacting pressure, specimen compaction, rotation number and other important parameters.

6. The operation of the compaction test result can be saved, draw, printed and so on.

7. Two kinds of operation modes to complete compaction experiment: ⑴ preset number of revolutions, ⑵ pre-specified height.

8. Interface configuration: 1 USB interface, 1 RS232 interface.

9. The integration of the built-in ejector.

10. Can do the heating insulation of the tryout rotation studio (optional).

11. Used for emulsified asphalt and cold recycled mixture compaction experiment.


Rotating compaction displacement range

(0 ~ 250) mm.

Molded specimen height range

(50 ~ 170) mm.

Rotational compaction displacement accuracy

less than 0.10mm.

Rotation angle of compaction

(0 ~ 2) °, ± 0.02 ° adjustable, set at the factory to 1.16 ° ± 0.02 ° (inner corners), can be customized a greater angle.

Rotating compaction pressure

(0 ~ 1000) kPa ± 3% adjustable, set at the factory to 600kpa ± 2%, more pressure can be customized.

Rotation speed

(30 ± 0.3) r / min, can be customized continuously adjustable speed.

Spinning times

(0 to 999) times.

Displacement measurement

(0 ~ 220) mm.

Tryout Size

Standard configuration Φ150mm, can be customized Φ100mm.

The method of pressure


The whole Dimensions

900mm × 700mm × 1800mm (length × width × height).

Instrument packaging size

1000mm × 800mm × 1950mm (length × width × height).

Mold weight




Power Supply

AC (220 ± 5%) V, 50Hz; machine power 1000W.

Air requirements

pressure not less than 1.3 Mpa, volume 60 litres, 12 kg to start.



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