Automatic Asphalt Extractor TBT-0722H

  • Automatic Asphalt Extractor
  • Automatic Asphalt Extractor
  • Automatic Asphalt Extractor
  • Automatic Asphalt Extractor
  • Automatic Asphalt Extractor
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TBT-0722H is mainly used to extracting and separating asphalt, mineral powder and rubber particles in rubber asphalt, using the difference method to calculate the asphalt content, asphalt can be recovered while calculating the asphalt content. 

The performance of recover asphalt is evaluated by subsequent relevant tests, so as to provide data support for the recovering of asphalt mixtures. 

The equipment consists of cleaning system, centrifugal system, drying system and extraction system. 

The entire extraction and separation process is completed in a closed system which is environmentally friendly and avoids direct contact between the operator and the solvent.

Main Features:

1. Computer control and display, users can choose soaking time, cleaning and drying cycle.

2. Real-time display of ongoing process and time.

3. High extraction efficiency, the entire extraction process can be completed within 1 hour.

4. Can be used for the extraction of rubber-asphalt mixtures.

5. The extraction process is completed in a closed system and the solvent loss is small.

6. The cleaning chamber has heating function and it is equipped with an ultrasonic device to accelerate the dissolution of asphalt making the cleaning process more efficient.

7. An observation window is installed at the inlet of the centrifuge, which can check the color of the mixture in real time.

8. The rotation speed of the centrifuge is not less than 8000r/min and the separation of mineral powder is more thorough.

9. The drying system can dry the aggregate and mineral powder, which is convenient for calculating the asphalt content. The collected aggregate can be further sieved.

10. The distillation system consists of a mixed liquid silo,a solvent silo and a cooling device.

11. The Asphalt Vacuum Rotary Evaporation Test Sampling System can be set to soak for 3-30 minutes before the start of the cleaning cycle and directly extract the asphalt mixture sample

12. Equipped with cooling equipment, the cooling effect is better than the traditional tap water cooling method, and water resources are saved.

13. Can be equipped with electric rotary evaporator(optional).

14. Part of the asphalt experiment utensils can be cleaned and the cleaning fixture needs to be customized (optional).


Maximum sample weight

Conventional Asphalt Mixture 3.5Kg

Rubber Asphalt Mixture 1.5Kg

Centrifuge speed

Not less than 8000r/min

Centrifuge cup capacity

Less than 300g

Distillation capacity

Main heater 10/h

Main heater + auxiliary heater. 35L/h

Power supply

380V 50HZ 5.5KW


1300X800X1700 mm




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