Full Automatic Triaxial Test Apparatus TSZ

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TSZ series automatic triaxial apparatus use contemporary the newest technology, and mechanical, electronic technology, automatic control technology, the sensor automatic detection technology and computer technology in an organic whole, multi-usage. Basic configuration can undertake conventional stress-strain type without measurement limit test, CU, CD UU, shear tests, if such compression equipped with different test containers and control module can conduct KO consolidation, static test pressure coefficient, various stress path triaxial test, tensile test and the elastic modulus of test, bearing by testing, etc. If equipped with consolidation test. Equipped with vibration module, still can add lotus, continuous rest grading add lotus etc consolidation experiments. Equipped with vibration module, this system can also do automatic control vibration triaxial test. Test process full computer control.
Product Model
Specimen size
Confining pressure
Back pressure
Volume deformation
0ml-50ml, 0 ml– 100ml
Axial force
0 – 10kN,0 – 30kN,0 – 60kN,
Pore pressure





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