Compression - Flexural Tester Computer Control, Electric hydraulic Servo technique TBTCTM-300BZ

Item Code:TBTCTM-300BZ Features:The max. compression loading is 300KN, max. flexure loading is 10KN. Applicable power supply is AC220V.  The tester is used for cement and mortar compression and cement flexure test in laboratory, it also can be used for firebrick flexure test, red brick flexure test, etc. The tests meet standard of ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN. 
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Outstanding features:

1. Combining frequency conversion servo technique with efficient hydraulic control technique, the tester highly reduces working power consumption, comparing with similar testers in market, it saves energy 30%, meanwhile it effectively reduces working  noise, the noise without loading is lower than 40dB and noise with loading is lower than 55dB.


2.  The tester adopts double precision ball screws, high precision servo motor, and double loading cells (optional: Celtron USA) which lead to fast & stable loading data acquisition, high resolution (up to 1/300000) and high accuracy of test result as 0.5 grade.


3.  The software is easy and convenient for operating, by support of it user can make compression and flexure testings synchronously. With available standard testing database,  user can add any Standard at will.


4. The integrated functions includes:

operating guide

error alarm

online help

management permission authority of different users

test report personalized setting

test result exporting in EXCEL format

test control system remote control & remote updating

Technical specifications:

Max. loading force

 Compression :300KN,   Flexure :10KN

Measuring range



Loading Relative error



Control loading rate range

 Compression:0.05-10KN/s, Flexure :0.1-200N/s

Loading Cell

Chinese domestic


Loading rate error (≦)

 ±5 %

±2 %

Ball screw stroke

 Compression:120mm,  Flexure :150mm

Distance between upper & lower pressure platens



Motor power

 Compression:400W,   Flexure :40W


 Main frame 540x420x1490mm

 Control cabinet 510x450x940mm

Gross Weight



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Product Name:
Compression Testing Machine with PC Control
The machine is a high-precision material testing equipment, driven by hydraulic power with computer data acquisition & processing, can make closed-loop control and automatic detection. It consists of four parts: main engine, oil source (hydraulic power source), measurement & control system and test apparatus. The maximum test force is 2000KN, and the accuracy is better than 1st grade.