Ground Penetrating Radar GPR TBTGPR-10

  • Ground Penetrating Radar GPR
  • Ground Penetrating Radar GPR
  • Ground Penetrating Radar GPR
  • Ground Penetrating Radar GPR
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TBTGPR series ground penetrating radar is a versatile GPR system offering various detecting combination for application in highway, roads, tunnel construction, paving, buildings, bridges, water conservancy, municipalities or military.

TBTGPR Application range:

Tunnel engineering

Lining quality inspection, advanced forecasting, invert quality inspection

Pavement,Road engineering

Structure layer thickness inspection, cracks inspection and roadbed disease inspection

Water Conservancy Project

Water resources survey, ice layer detection, underwater structure detection

Bridge engineering

Rebar positioning, steel strand positioning, concrete disease detection

Utility mapping and locating

Underground pipe lines positioning, subsurface cavities and road structure detection

Geology survey

Karst detection, frozen soil detection, stratum structure detection


UXO detection, underground defense works detection and life detection


Detection and imaging of ancient ruins, guided excavation




GPR Controller

TBTGPR-10 is a portable high-performance GPR controller compatible with TBTGPR full series antennas featuring versatile with wide application range, meanwhile automatically recognize antenna type and configure radar parameters. The Windows-system-based acquisition system is stable and reliable which saves both original data and in-field data. The controller accepts most external installed GPS and be able to add the geographic coordinate information to radar data. The digital signal are transmitted between controller and antenna with high anti-interference ability and good signal-to-noise performance.


TBTGPR-10 controller Specifications:

GPR Controller


Compatible Antenna

TBTGPR series antennas

working Channel

1 piece

Storage space


Display Screen

10.4”, 1024×768 pixel resolution, 32 bit color LED

Accept GPS

Serial Port RS232, accepts GPGGA data format

Display mode

False color, gray level, stacking waves and color stacking wave

Power supply

built-in lithium battery (NI2040)

Power consume


Continue working time

about 3 hours (depend on temperature, antenna type and cable length)




3kg (without battery)

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity

<95%, not condensate

waterproof level


Data collection

Data format


ADC bits

16 bit

The max scanning speed

512 scanning/s  (sampling points number is 512)

Sampling points number

256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192

Max transmitting frequency


Collecting modes

Time mode, distance mode and point measurement mode

Time-window range


Gain range


Number of gain adjustment points

9 pieces

Real time processing functions

Correction zero deviation, FIR filtering, IIR filtering, background removal, everage among ways, data overlying

Exterior installing terminals

Data transmission

USB 3.0


Serial port (RS232)

Main control

8-pin aviation socket



The powerful data processing software can perform data transmit, uploading, display, processing and analysis for those collected by TBTGPR series GPR or those data in other formats collected by international famous GPR.  Any abnormal information in data can be found by user conveniently, and subsequent report are generated in accordance with relative standards.

The main interface of software shown as below, user can check the 6 areas on the interface of Menu bar, Project Bar, Radar profile display area, Output Bar, Single Track View and Status Bar to complete radar data analysis. 


Software Functions and features:

1, Document management: data open, close, save, split and merging, data format transmit, bitmap output and batch processing.

2, Homepage menu: project setting, document parameter, stacking wave forms, profile zooming and editing,   or window mode.

3, Data processing: Profile processing, data standard, zero gain, data filtering and advanced processing.

4, Engineering detection: Layer detection, abnormal detection and target detection.

5, Profile imagination: Assembly data, data processing.

6, Project file management, user can import all data of a test to proper project for convenient management, maintenance and checking. It is also workable to import the multiple-times tested data of the same position into one project, convenient to compare the changes of geological conditions in the area at different times.

7, Data display mode is various as pseudo-color pictures or stacked graphs (including color stacked waves). For geological exploration, advance forecasting, archaeological research and other data collected by low-frequency antennas, color stacked waves can better present the display effect.

8, Various test report formats are provided for layer thickness, anomaly and targets detection, user can conveniently perform automatic detection and hand remarking.

TBTGPR series antenna selections:

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