Universal Testing Machine with PC&Servo Control TBTUTM-100C/TBTUTM-300C/TBTUTM-600C/TBTUTM-1000C

  • Universal Testing Machine with PC&Servo Control
  • Universal Testing Machine with PC&Servo Control
  • Universal Testing Machine with PC&Servo Control
  • Universal Testing Machine with PC&Servo Control
Item Code:TBTUTM-100C/TBTUTM-300C/TBTUTM-600C/TBTUTM-1000C Features:
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The testing machine is mainly designed for the tension test, compression test and  bending test of metal, also for non-metal of compression test, such as concrete and stone. If the proper jigs are provided, it can be used for various tests in the laboratories of mills, factories, colleges and research units concerned.

 It is featured with hydraulic loading, electronic force measurement, the load, the test process with curve can be displayed on the computer screen, and the data can be saved and printed out. It is overload protection. The oil cylinder is fitted on the bottom of the main frame, which is suitable for the compression test and all the annex will be provided for the technological tests of the metal. 

Max capacity 100KN 300KN 600KN 1000KN
Test range 0-100KN 0-300KN 0-600KN 0-1000KN
Grade of machine Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1
Load maintained time ≥30s ≥30s ≥30s ≥30s
Flat specimen thickness 0~15mm 0~15mm 0~15mm 0~40mm
Round specimen clamp diameter D6~22mm D8~32mm D13~40mm D20~60mm
Bending max. distance 100~300mm 100~360mm 100~360mm 100~420mm
Piston stroke 150mm 150mm 200mm 200mm
Weight around 600KG around 1200KG around 1700KG around 2500KG


1. O-ring

2. Oil flow control valve

3. Oil return valve

4. Oil pump

5. Motor

6. PC

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