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Nanjing T-Bota Scietech Instruments & Equipment Co., Ltd (TBT) is a world leader specialized in exporting testing instruments and equipment for the field of civil engineering, scientific research. Our products are especially necessary for civil engineering constructions, including machines and accessories that can conduct soil testing, cement testing, concrete testing, asphalt testing, material testing and NDT.

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our customers are mainly distributed in South-East Asia(Vietnam/Thailand/Indonesia/Philippine/Singapore/Cambodia), South Africa, South America, Australia, Iran, Egypt, New Zealand, Spain. At the same time, we are endeavoring to develop our local sales agent in different countries.

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To be the largest and most professional supplier for products in our business scope through our efforts!
To be the best friend and solid cooperator of our customers!
To be the first supplier at customer's first thought when they need to order!

  You can always get our in-time reply via email or telephone or instant messenger;
■  You can always get best product with excellent quality and competitive price;
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  You can always enjoy our considerable & full-side after-sales service;
  You can always feel very convenient since we can help you sourcing and ship products from 
different factories via one shipment, which to a large extent save your time and cost;
Traffic Sign Retroreflectometer
Traffic Sign Retroreflectometer
This sign retroreflectometer is an instrument for measuring the photometric performance (retroreflective coefficient) of retroreflective materials. The Observation angle is 0.2°, entrance angle is -4°.
Road Surface Profilometer(RSP)
Road Surface Profilometer(RSP)
TBTPQL series Road Surface Profiler(RSP) adopts laser sensor and accelerometer combination to measuring the longitudinal profile; It's a real time, continuous measuring device for collecting data of pavement condition.
Universal Testing Machine with PC Control (Touch Screen)
Universal Testing Machine with PC Control (Touch Screen)
The testing machine is mainly designed for the tension test, compression test and bending test of metal, also for non-metal of compression test, such as concrete and stone. If the proper jigs are provided, it can be used for various tests in the laboratories of mills, factories, colleges and research units concerned.